Archmaester Emma’s Essays

Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

Broken Swords

Broken Men and Broken Boys

Outlaws and Broken Men

Reading the Flames

Part One: Fire vs. Flame

Part Two: The Alchemists’ Delight

Part Three: A Thousand Lights in the Dark

Part Four: Blood and Flame and Sunsets

Part Five: A Blaze of Flame Amongst the Trees

The Not-So-Brave Companions


The Bloody Mummers: The cowardly puppets of Lord Tywin

Vargo Hoat: The Literal Devil

Urswyck the Faithful: Maiming Jaime

Septon Utt: The weak reed on trial

Shagwell the Fool: Who’s laughing now?

Qyburn: The Frankenstein of King’s Landing

Rorge and Biter: No chance and no choice

One-off Essays

Fiery shadows: An analysis of “the shadow woman” from The Forsaken preview chapter

The extraordinary symbolism of Tobho Mott

A Study in Scarlet: Melisandre’s role in Maester Cressen’s death

Game of Thrones essays

To go forward, you must go back

The true villains of ASOIAF: thoughts from 8×03 of ‘Game of Thrones’