Standalone essays

This essay is a list of the analyses that I’ve written that aren’t a part of any ongoing essay series that I’ve started.

The Extraordinary Symbolism of Tobho Mott
In this essay, we investigate the extraordinary collection of symbolism surrounding Tobho Mott, in which we learn he forges Lightbringer constantly – it’s like all he does.

A Study in Scarlet: Maester Cressen and Melisandre in the ACOK Prologue
Maester Cressen takes one of the biggest decisions of his long life, choosing to murder Melisandre to save Stannis’ soul. Yet he somehow manages to nearly sleep through it. How? Why? In taking a look at this, we find some clues as to why George thinks of Melisandre as the most misunderstood character of the series.

Fiery shadows: An analysis of the shadow woman in the TWOW spoiler chapter
“Beside him stood a shadow in woman’s form, long and tall and terrible, her hands alive with pale white fire.” We explore what on earth this could mean and who that shadow woman might be.

Only Cat: The Un-Killing Word and the creation of the Night’s Queen
We know that GRRM takes care in his placement of chapters, so that they can thematically tie together – so why does Lady Stoneheart appear the chapter after Lysa Arryn is murdered? In this essay, we take Ravenous Reader’s idea of the Killing Word and apply it to these chapters to learn one of the potential origins of the Others.