This is another blog dedicated to George R.R. Martin’s series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. I’m working on analysing the symbolism of the series. Eventually, I want us to reach a point where we have enough pieces of Martin’s symbolic jigsaw puzzle to be able to decode exactly what Martin is trying to say. I think we might be able to work out some kind of structure to the magic in the series as well as figuring out what the heck happened thousands of years ago when the Others first roamed the world, but that’s a ways down the road yet.

I’ve started with the symbolism of the colours of fire and we’ll go from there. Along the way, I’ll probably get side-tracked with new shiny pieces of symbolism that are shorter and less dependent on you guys following exactly where I’m up to at all points, as well as publishing the cool pieces of symbolism I had to cut for length or relevance reasons.

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With thanks to GRRM for the books, as well as all the fandom and Twitteros buddies who help me hone my ideas and writing for each of these pieces.

Reading the Flames

Part One: Fire vs. Flame

Part Two: The Alchemists’ Delight

Part Three: A Thousand Lights in the Dark

Part Four: Blood and Flame and Sunsets

Part Five: A Blaze of Flame Amongst the Trees

Cripples Bastards and Broken Things

Broken Swords

One-off Essays

Fiery shadows: An analysis of “the shadow woman” from The Forsaken preview chapter

The extraordinary symbolism of Tobho Mott

A Study in Scarlet: Melisandre’s role in Maester Cressen’s death

Game of Thrones essays

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