This is another blog dedicated to George R.R. Martin’s series, ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’. I’m working on analysing the symbolism of the series, having been inspired by the approach of Lucifer means Lightbringer aka LmL (you should go check out his work here – it’s pretty awesome).

Whereas LmL looks at the symbolic patterns in particular character archetypes, I’m going to be looking at the way Martin uses individual words and phrases and what that might tell us about particular scenes or people. As I termed it once, LmL looks at the “macrosymbolism” and I look at the “microsymbolism”.

Eventually, I want us to reach a point where we have enough pieces of Martin’s symbolic jigsaw puzzle to be able to decode exactly what Martin is trying to say. I think we might be able to work out a structure behind the way magic works in the series, but that’s a ways down the road yet.

I’ve started with the symbolism of the colours of fire and we’ll go from there. Along the way, I’ll probably get side-tracked with new shiny pieces of symbolism that are shorter and less dependent on you guys following exactly where I’m up to at all points, as well as publishing the cool pieces of symbolism I had to cut for length or relevance reasons.

You can also find me milling around on the westeros.org forums as @Archmaester_Aemma and on Twitter too @ELSmith1994

With thanks to GRRM for the books and to LmL for providing the Mythical Astronomy framework that forms the foundation of much of my analysis, as well as all the fandom and Twitteros buddies who help me hone my ideas and skillz.

If you want to dive straight in to my first essay series, Reading the Flames, click here. Or, if you’d prefer something a little lighter, here is my first ever symbolic analysis (TWOW spoilers). A full list of my essays can be found on my essay page, which I try to keep updated.

Please let me know what you think!